Phase 1 - Recomposition & Fat Loss - Customized

Results Guaranteed.*

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Phase 1 Fat Loss is designed to take you from any body fat and experience level down to 11-12% body fat (see guide). The primary goal of this phase is to lose fat while gaining muscle and strength.

Transformation Coaching includes:
  • Customized workout plan to your experience level and equipment, delivered via an award-winning mobile fitness app.
  • Sample meal plan and recipes with customized calorie and macro goals optimized to your dietary preferences.
  • Video demonstrations with step by step instruction for each exercise.
  • 15 minutes of exclusive informational videos covering all the exercise and nutrition principles you need to know to transform with confidence.
  • Weekly group call with SAS coaches to answer your questions and keep you accountable and motivated.
  • Members-only transformation community with others in the same phase of their journey as you to share progress pics, recipes and exercise tips.
  • Workouts updated every 4-6 weeks with 1 year's worth of workouts.
  • Option of beginner, intermediate or advanced workouts.
  • Exercise form checks in our discussion forum.
  • Home or gym workouts.

Minimum Commitment: 3 x 45 minute workouts/week. 

Subscription is Month to Month, No Contract. Create an account during signup to manage subscription.

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Required home workout equipment ($250-$500 investment, links provided upon signup):

  • Adjustable Dumbbells
  • Pull-up Bar (can be in doorway)
  • Suspension Straps or Gymnastic Rings
  • Pull Up Resistance Bands (Light and Medium)
  • 18-24 inch Foam Roller and soft tissue mobility ball or lacrosse ball
  • Adjustable Bench
  • Cable Pulley Rack Attachment

*If you don't see results within 14 days of the program start date and have been completing the workouts and logging your diet as per guidelines then reply to your signup email to cancel and after we review your logs to confirm you will receive a full refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Shift Work Schedule

I'm a shift worker that was struggling to build a solid routine and structure to my workouts. Was generally fit cardio wise but a newbie to weights and SAS helped build a solid foundation to cut pounds of fat and build a base understanding of workouts and muscle and strength gains.

Helped me lean out and get healthier while learning how to build my own routines and meal plans to fit my busy life.

I reccomend the program to anyone that is starting out their journey and wants to learn a solid foundation but also have the flexibility to grow in their journey to getting stronger!

Uni Student Who Struggled for Years

I grew up very skinny with terrible body composition. In high school, I developed manboobs and focused entirely on my academics. My physique became awful, soft, and trim. I tried doing the 5x5 program in high school, followed by other programs on and off in college. I never saw decent progress and was quickly overshadowed by my other friends. This dropped my confidence immensely, and I accepted it as fate.

I found Gurneet through Instagram. Just a few months on Gurneet's program has completely changed my life. I'm no longer insulin resistant and have an excellent Phase 1 lean physique ready for the muscle-building phase. His methods are very beneficial. Coach Jas is also an incredible motivator.

I'd recommend his program to anyone with similar struggles...

Amit Gaur
South Asian Strong just works

I was mostly a runner before getting introduced to SAS workouts and while I had done keto before I had a hard time keeping the weight off . Would always gain the weight after stopping keto diet. SAS helped me actually understand the benefits of resistance and weight training and how to tune macros based on activity level and weight goals. I’ve lost about 30 lbs (168 lb to 140lbs) but have gained a ton of muscle. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to make a lifestyle change for improving their health and actually feeling great with more energy through the day!

Shayne Madhavan
Skeptical at First, but definitely works

I had tried multiple dieting and lifting programs before finding out about South Asian Strong. I was recommended onto it and knew about it for over a year before actually deciding to give it a go. Prior to working with South Asian Strong, it was difficult to maintain a diet consistently for over 10 weeks. I would constantly start out strong until I faded, it was unsustainable.

The trainers at South Asian Strong put in work on developing a meal plan and lifting routine that definitely works. I dropped 15 pounds within the first phase of the program while still getting stronger in the gym.

While going to the gym was never my issue, dieting was always the harder aspect to manage. With the dieting program with South Asian Strong, I am able to eat foods that I was previously not touching. I am able to lose weight while still eating rice, pasta, and other carbs I love.

Was very skeptical at first about the knowledge being shared within the program, but the research and logic is clearly explained. Additionally, I cannot argue with clear cut results when it comes to me dropping body fat percentage, while getting stronger and actually looking forward to my next meal. Instead of eating chicken and rice daily, having the ability to incorporate creative fun meals has had a major improvement on not only my body, but my mental state and positivity as well.

Can’t say enough good things about South Asian Strong! Amazing program that works. Wish I found it earlier for sure.

Targeted to my Cultural Diet and Goals!

Before I couldn't motivate myself to stick to a strict diet and would always end up bulking to a point of a disproportionate mid-section vs looking built. Especially as a vegetarian, any diet plans I would look up before would all be around typically "Canadian meat" diets that were not helpful.

The SAS team helped me to address my goals of gaining weight and cutting down to a healthy level where I was satisfied with my muscle growth and physique while also generally feeling much more healthy and having overall better eating habits. The on demand coaching help with both nutrition and training is exceptional and would recommend it to anyone that just needs that extra help to get into the best shape possible!