Exercise Equipment Links (US links for reference, other countries coming soon)


Adjustable Dumbbells  (economical, harder to load, buy 4, 8 or 12 extra 10lb plates to expand)

10 lb plates(singles, buy 4 at a time; do not buy heavier plates as they are too large to be practical)



Adjustable Dumbbells (premium, easier to load, expandable with kit)

Adjustable Bench or Cheaper Option


Cable Pulley Rack Attachment


Suspension Straps or Gymnastic Rings


Doorway Pullup Bar (if not on squat rack) and Dip Attachment(only get if getting doorway pullup bar)


Recommended (optional):


Lifting Chalk or Liquid Grip (highly recommended if using moderately heavy weights)


Options to record Form Checks in the gym (I have only personally used the tripod):

Phone Kickstand (Might need to set this lower than the pics in portrait mode and do some test shots)

Phone Attachment 


Phone Tripod




Pull Up Bands

18-24 inch Foam Roller and mobility ball
Squat rack with pullup bar or Half Rack or Rack for low ceilings(combo with bench and dip bars)

Dip attachment for squat rack, only get if you have a full rack, otherwise you need to get a doorway pullup/dip combo below


Exercise Mats (to protect your floor)


Olympic Barbell (can also buy the combo set of 260lbs) and Weights(can buy a heavier set, would recommend two additional 45lb weights)