Phase 1 - Recomposition & Fat Loss - Customized

Results Guaranteed.*
The first transformation program designed specifically for South Asians. Learn More
Phase 1 Fat Loss is designed to take you from any body fat and experience level down to 11-12% body fat (see guide). The primary goal of this phase is to lose fat while gaining muscle and strength.
Transformation Coaching includes:
  • Customized workout plan to your experience level and equipment, delivered via an award-winning mobile fitness app.
  • Sample meal plan and recipes with customized calorie and macro goals optimized to your dietary preferences.
  • Video demonstrations with step by step instruction for each exercise.
  • 15 minutes of exclusive informational videos covering all the exercise and nutrition principles you need to know to transform with confidence.
  • Members-only transformation community with others in the same phase of their journey as you to share progress pics, recipes and exercise tips.
  • Workouts updated every 4-6 weeks with 1 year's worth of workouts.
  • Option of beginner, intermediate or advanced workouts.
  • Exercise form checks in our discussion forum.
  • Home or gym workouts.


Minimum Commitment: 3 x 45 minute workouts/week. 


Subscription is Month to Month, No Contract. Create an account during signup to manage subscription.



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Required home workout equipment ($250-$300 investment, links provided upon signup):

  • Adjustable Dumbbells
  • Pull-up Bar (can be in doorway)
  • Suspension Straps or Gymnastic Rings
  • Pull Up Resistance Bands (Light and Medium)
  • 18-24 inch Foam Roller and soft tissue mobility ball or lacrosse ball
  • Adjustable Bench
  • Cable Pulley Rack Attachment

*If you don't see results within 14 days of the program start date and have been completing the workouts and logging your diet as per guidelines then reply to your signup email to cancel and after we review your logs to confirm you will receive a full refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Gurcharn Lall
Lost fat

I was having issues making consistent gains in the gym and had a skinny-fat physique. This program helped me slim down and now I am ready to build muscle.
It means a lot for me to solve this issue as it was bugging me for years and I felt that the usual advice I got from the internet wasn't working for my body. I was able to craft an identity for myself as someone who consistently goes to the gym and eats well. I hope to have this as the foundation for a healthy lifestyle for my entire life.
I would recommend this program to anyone dealing with a skinny-fat physique and anyone trying to make healthy lifestyle changes.

OMER Jaweed

Have also been focused on my health, but now really trying to take it to the next level this past year. The program based on what works for South Asian has been quite helpful - at almost 45 y/o, I am at the peak level in my fitness journey, matching or beating what I did in my 20s. What I like:
*The program is efficient - 3 days per week (with walking on rest days), vs 4 or 5 days of working out which can be hard
*The app is very good - because you can track your progress weekly, plus each exercise has embedded video links on form/technique
*The Coach and community are available 24x7 for support, tips, and progress checks

Lost fat

Being South Asian I always had skinny arms and legs but carried significant amount of fat in my abdominal area and still do, didn't know whether to bulk or cut, tried bulking, wasn't satisfied with the results, tried cutting wasn't satisfied because I did not know where I was going wrong. Then I stumbled upon South Asian Strong YouTube channel.

Everyone wants a body which they can flaunt even while shirtless so do I one month into the program I lost 3kgs, lost some fat and increased some lifts too! Coach Gurneet's guidance is really helpful, the diet plan is really easy to follow I can still eat all South Asian foods I want to eat,the workout schedule is very flexible and easy to follow. Currently in phase 1 fatloss and hoping everything goes well from here too excited for what's to come.

Would recommend this program to any South Asian who's struggling with their skinny fat physique,like me, having tried bulking cutting and so many other programs and still not getting satisfactory results nothing fancy in the program everything is really simple which any person no matter how busy schedule,can easily follow. Consistency is key!!Looking forward to the journey with Southasianstrong and Gurneet.

Suhail Farooq
Lost fat, gained muscle, still enjoyed S Asian food..need I say more?

I stumbled upon SAS utterly hopeless with chronic injuries picked up in previous cricket seasons. Now overweight following inactivity and poor eating habits, I needed something special and I found it!

Since starting the programme I have lost a total of 15.5 kilos, gained a lot of strength (I was DB pressing 10kg when I started, now 24kg) despite being at my absolute lightest (68.5kg)…and I’m still not done!

Throughout this time period, I was still able to continue eating my favourite South Asian foods e.g. masala omelettes and chicken karahis which was amazing. The meal plans are brilliant and adaptable, everything is easy to follow and you become very cognisant of what quality nutrition / training looks like. This entire set up has been life changing for me, I especially love the simple interface, and group chat.

Thanks Gurneet for your support and I’m looking forward to completing phase 1 soon and starting a gaining phase! I still can’t believe the pic on the left was me!! If you’re serious about changing how you look and feel, honestly don’t even think twice and just join!!! I’ll update this review when I hit 12% BF, I'm currently at around 13.

Shift Work Schedule

I'm a shift worker that was struggling to build a solid routine and structure to my workouts. Was generally fit cardio wise but a newbie to weights and SAS helped build a solid foundation to cut pounds of fat and build a base understanding of workouts and muscle and strength gains.

Helped me lean out and get healthier while learning how to build my own routines and meal plans to fit my busy life.

I reccomend the program to anyone that is starting out their journey and wants to learn a solid foundation but also have the flexibility to grow in their journey to getting stronger!